Monday, October 8, 2012

My New Fave: The Body Shop!

I've gotten really into The Body Shop's products lately. I have known of the brand for a long time, but for some reason, they hadn't really been on my radar. 

That all changed when I bought a couple of their products on hautelook a few years ago. I bought their Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash and the Chamomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, and was amazed at how well those products performed. This might be the original body wash in the picture, but I have definitely repurchased the eye makeup remover several times. It removes my eye makeup completely and doesn't irritate my eyes. I repurchased this at Sephora, as well as some other products from this brand, until Sephora suddenly stopped carrying them. So then I started shopping at the actual Body Shop store. 

I've been there several times this year, and each time it's been a good experience. The sales girls are always nice, friendly, and knowledgable about their products. Having a bad customer service experience really puts me off of a store, so knowing I can go to The Body Shop and have a consistently good experience really means a lot to me. The first time I went to the store, I was just going to repurchase my eye makeup remover and check out some things. I ended up leaving with a huge haul, a rewards card, and a smile on my face. Most recently, I've really gotten into their Vitamin E skincare line. They have many Vitamin E creams, so I asked one of the sales associates what the differences were. She was able to explain what the different creams did, and what results I could expect from them. I've been using the night cream for the past week, and my skin is super soft and blemish-free. I have very dry skin, so for it to feel super soft and moisturized in the cooler months is amazing.

So far, I've liked everything I've tried from The Body Shop. They have awesome bath and body products for every skin type, and many different scents. They also have many products that are unscented, so if smelling like a fruit or flower isn't your thing, you can still shop there! Their rewards program isn't free, but if you shop there often it's definitely worth it.

Do you shop at The Body Shop? What are your favorite things from there?

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